Travel tips for Mexico

Mexico travel tips

Mexico is a marvelous vacation location. Diverse marine life with Pacific and Caribbean coastline it is great for water sports. Also you can go on Jungle trail for a hike.

There is no dearth of adventure. It is plentiful, and the Mexican restaurants offer great dishes which will make your day. However every country has its own challenges. Same is for Mexico where you can enjoy better keeping in a mind a few things.

Photography in Mexico

You need to keep a few things in mind while shooting a photo here. Museums will generally allow photography with a nominal fee charged. However some of the artifacts are not to be photographed. Violation of the rules can land you in trouble, hence follow the signs in Spanish and English.

Shooting a photo at an archaeological site is a bit more complicated. You will invariably need a permit if you are using tripod. Except for museums and archaeological sites, all other locations are open for a shoot.

If you are trying to take photos of people, ask them. Some of the tribes will not like taking a photo. So be mindful of the photo etiquette. Also refrain from taking photos in military areas, and churches during service.

Alcoholic beverage intake

The legal age of drinking here in Mexico is 18, 3 years less than USA. Keep a proof of age and identification as the authorities might ask for it. The law is not that strict but it is better to be aware and safe.

Altitude has a direct effect on the intoxication of alcohol. In Mexico City which is at a higher altitude you might feel tipsy after normal alcohol intake. The altitude magnifies the effect of alcohol.

Do not drink and drive in Mexico. It is a serious crime, and you could be serving a long sentence in prison. Drinking in streets is also not legal but the authorities are a bit lenient.

Staying in Mexico

There are plethora of options of staying. However the best place to live are, the end number of rental options. The properties give you a relaxed environment and equipped with all modern facilities like Wi-Fi.

There are many properties spread across Mexico which you can rent. There are options for every budget and duration. The rental properties range from Four Star Villas to 2 Bedroom apartments. The vacation rentals will allow you to merge with the locals and feel the culture inside out. This cannot be experienced in a hotel. Also you are free to bring your pets along in most of the properties. So, if you are planning a vacation in Mexico Vacation rentals are the best place to stay.

Drinking Water

It is advisable to drink only bottled water. When in the villages take care the most as water may be contaminated. While eating salads ask whether it is washed using tap water or purified water. Most of the hotels use purified water always. But be careful about water as you would not want to fall sick and spoil the vacation.


Taxis are very affordable all around Mexico. You can take a cab and trust what the driver charges. A simple 10 Peso tips will make the cab driver happy.

Enjoy your trip and the ride in taxis around the country. You will especially need the taxis after partying hard with friends.