Things Not to Do In Ho Chi Minh City

Water Puppet Theatre included in 3 day tour of Ho Chi Minh City

Water Puppets

Well my visit to Ho Chi Minh City did not go as planned. I had my three day trip and it was every bit as good as I’d hoped. I got a thorough introduction to Ho Chi Minh City. I especially loved the Saigon cooking class and the water puppet show. I also enjoyed the boat trip & meal on the last day. At the cooking class I had a bit of fun and shared one of my favourite recipes, Crispy Vietnamese Beef as learnt from the Hairy Bikers. What I did not expect was to follow in Simons footsteps, or as near as damn it. Simon King (one of the Hairy Bikers) broke his ankle while filming.

the Hairy Bikers crispy Vietnamese Beef

Crispy Vietnamese Beef

Me, I broke my wrist while falling, sober, off the motorcycle I had hired for the rest of my stay. So I had the rather unpleasant and painful experience of a broken bone, trying to negotiate a taxi to the nearest hospital and  arranging care of my scooter until I could come and collect it.  Fortunately an English speaking Vietnamese helped me out, as my limited knowledge of the language disappeared with the rising pain. He organized for the motorcycle firm to collect the  bike and sent me in a taxi to collect my passport and insurance details. So glad he did that, although at the time I thought he was being over fussy. When I got to the hospital I found without my documents I would not have been treated. I am so glad I was sensible about taking out health insurance, Vietnam does not have the best reputation for health care and no health insurance scheme. There are public hospitals but private ones tend to have better facilities and staff, along with foreign language speakers. So I am now in plaster and a bit uncomfortable in this humid heat but I am planning on staying here a little longer and the bloke who helped me out is a city engineer and has offered me a room at his home until I leave. Actually quite excited at this development, to actually stay with a Vietnamese family will be great. For their hospitality I have agreed to spend 2 hours a day coaching his two children with their English. Let you know how it goes next time.

Motorcycles are the foremost way of transport in Vietnam especially Ho Chi Minh City

Just a few motorcycles…


Things to do in Vietnam

So I was looking at some things I’d like to do when I go to Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve found quite a few things on tripadvisor that look pretty interesting both historical and night life. I think there are a lot of things to do that you could really get involved and soak up the history of the city and the politics of the region. It’s an exploding country and the city really shows that. I am certain there will be more than enough sites to visit in the city and would love to visit some of the memorials from the Vietnam war. I was checking out some other trip reviews and this one hit my fancy because its a 3 day trip and gave some good insights into things I can do in the city in a short amount of time. Looking forward to getting a few days to check out all of this stuff and really interested in checking out the reunification palace and the war remnants museum if I can. Also the emperor jade pagoda looks like a really great site. I am hoping as well to find a good motorbike rental so I can get around without having to worry about taxing taxis everywhere.

nightlife and tourism in ho chi minh