Exploring Chicago

If you want a quick escape from the monotonous life of going to and from the office and your home, why not bookmark Chicago on your travel map like I did. Many exhausted workers are looking to escape the city to have a quiet vacation but that could definitely cause a dent to your wallet. Why not opt instead to escape to a different city and explore its sights. Here are some of the places I visited in and can swear by them.


See The Amazing Chicago Landscape at Navy Pier

This is one of Chicago’s top tourist attractions; meaning it’s the number 1 most visited tourist attraction in this amazing city. If you’re bringing the kids with you on this holiday, this is the destination spot to see. The attraction of this place is the Family Pavilion which is one of the main areas of the Navy Pier. It’s here where you can find the Chicago Children’s Museum, the most modern version of the IMAX theatre nature park like the Crystal Gardens and an indoor botanical park. You won’t have to travel far when you’re hungry because there are operating restaurants and shops within the area.

The Birds Eye View of Chicago at Sears Tower Skydeck

The beauty of Chicago is best seen atop the Sears Tower Skydeck. Access to this place comes whenever you purchase a standard Chicago Card; see online for details. Voted as one of the tallest buildings in North America, the attraction of this place is its observatory; the perfect way to capture the panoramic view of Chicago at dark.

Meet and Greet with the Creatures of the Lincoln Zoo

If you want to see an amazing exhibit of wildlife in their natural state, a visit of the Lincoln Park Zoo will do just the trick. Whether it’s the cold or hot season, the Lincoln Zoo caters to its visitors all year round. Just visit online for the schedule.

Just remember, plan the places you want to visit in Chicago in advance. That will save you time and hassle when visiting this place.


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