Hanoi provides

So, surprise, surprise, I’m still in Hanoi! I met a bloke in a bar (i know, I know) who runs these amazing food tours of Vietnam. We had been talking about our favourite food experiences, and I must have been going on so dramatically that, the next thing I know he offers me some work, helping organise different food tours around Hanoi, getting people from A-Z via B in Hanoi can be challenging to say the least.

fresh market food

Well, food and money, what more could a financially challenged man want for! I managed to find a sweet little place through Airbnb for a month (really small, but sweet as, and great location near the covered market Dong Xuan, meaning I don’t need to cook, ever!). I’m just helping in the background of things, taking bookings, meeting people etc., but I’m also learning about the fantastic food culture here, like nothing I’ve ever experienced, The French influence, the Asian spicings, and street food everywhere you turn, cheap as,¬† is just to die for. A stroll through the markets is an eye opener, live animals, rows of vegetables I would have no idea about. The food here is fresh and quick, salty, sour and bitter, perfect accompanied by a cold beer.¬†Barbecuing is the go, but not like back home, here its done in alleyways, or even the back of bikes.

grilled meat in abundance

The evenings are when things really come alive, so with work out the way, I’m free to walk around the narrow winding streets full of people, on the look out for that perfect bar, the one that gives me my next inspiration.