Interesting Ipoh

As I’ve traveled through much of South-East Asia I’ve noticed the trend here of always attaching alliterative adjectives pinned onto the names of various cities, places and countries.

During my travels through Malaysia I was greeted by ‘Colourful Malaysia’ signs and when I flew to Penang I was welcomed by the slogan ‘Passionate Penang’ – quite how an island can rouse itself up into a state of high excitement is beyond me, although the weather was pretty stormy when I was there so maybe that’s what they meant.


One place that did stand out on my trip however was Ipoh. Located in the north-western state of Perak, Ipoh is a town built on the mining industry which boomed along with the state’s tin mining industry. Now a hub of great food, old buildings and famous for beautiful girls, Ipoh is certainly deserving of the title above. Catch up on the town’s news here.

Ipoh is a scattered town surrounded by beautiful mountains which are home to a staggering number of cave temples. I enjoyed touring these temples and found some of the most relaxing and spiritually inspiring places on this trip.

This trip was a special one for me because I’ve recently had trouble getting the money together to travel as much as I usually do. Luckily I found a helping hand in the guise of Ferratum UK. ‘Smart, friendly, reliable’ is their tag line and they really helped me out of a tight pinch when I just needed to get away but didn’t have the money in the bank.