A Nice Time on Tioman

With a population of less than 500 and voted one of the world’s most beautiful islands by TIME magazine, Tioman island in Malaysia is an obvious spot for any traveler with an intrepid spirit and a robust wallet.


After taking a ferry from seaside town Mersin on the Malaysia peninsula’s east coast I arrived in Kampong Genting a little over an hour later. I’ve been here for almost a week now and I have to say it’s one of the nicest islands I’ve ever been to. Even though I mentioned having a robust wallet helps, there are plenty of options ranging from budget becah-shack accommodation up to hill-side private villas.  You can guess which one I chose! This guide helped me out greatly when it came to choosing what activities and sights to fill my time with – scuba diving being the most enjoyable activity I tried.

Malaysia has been in the news a lot recently (Tioman island specifically receiving a lot of attention because of this story of an English volunteer who turned up dead – the story was swimming in murmurings of foul play and murder, but as yet is unresolved) however I can still happily report that the tourism industry is thriving and the local people haven’t lost any of their willingness to make your stay a memorable, joyous experience.


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