Meet the locals

As my months of travelling are rolling out in front of me, the money isn’t running in! So I am always looking to stretch my budget where I can. One thing I never skimp on is accommodation. However, I cam across this awesome site Air B&B where people with a spare room or a spare apartment rent them out to weary travellers looking for a home from home. The best thing about staying with these hosts is the personal touch You are living with your own personal guidebook to your destination ! So use them, ask them to tell you the places to eat, see, visit that are off the tourist map. After all, who better to show you around than someone who lives there! Well unless you end up shacking up with these guys!





The Greatest City in The World

new_york_1As an ex-city rat there is one city- the greatest on earth- that I just had to visit. New York New York! As I sat in my premium economy seat, wondering exactly what I paid extra for with a child kicking the back of my seat and a fat man taking up my extra inches from his arm rest- I was still happy as larry as ,I got that buzz in the bottom of my stomach that I always get when I start exploring a new destination. It’s a mixture of excitement and anxiety and it’s the drug that made me start this venture across the globe. It’s addictive and New York did not disappoint. I landed at JFK and bee lined for the taxi queue. As soon as I got into my first yellow cab of many over the next week. One traveller tip here- aways go with the yellow cab queue- it may look long but it’s a flat fare to manhattan. Ignore the taxi touts trying to tempt you away from the crowds! Once in a cab, I immediately fell into banter with the cabby. Just as in London, were the drivers want to immediately engage in debate, so all the way across the Atlantic do the New Yorkers. We chatted about Obama Care, the weather, the food I should try in New York and then, just as we came up over the bridge..there in front of me, sparkling like a sea of diamonds, was Manhattan. I felt immediately at home. On my first day I did the usual, the Empire State, Central Park, The Met and of course a bit of credit card crunching at Versace and Rolex! However, my main draw to New York is the food. As an avid fan of the show Man Vs Food, I was determined to do my own version. From pulled pork sandwiches to bacon fried turkey- I wanted to devour every mouthwatering flavor and food on offer. Here are my top five: 1. Dinosuar Bar B Que– Harlem- This meat haven serves brisket topped with pulled pork- yes meat on meat with traditional slaw. Image 2. Bar Bacon– Hells Kitchen- everything in this bar contains bacon- you have to try their candied bacon, the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Image 3. Potatopia– Greenwich village- only serves fries but fires with ANYTHING- salmon, shrimp, beef, chilli, every cheese imaginable, truffles, goes on..and on!- Image 4. Takashi– Ramen noodles available only after midnight- try grandmas spicey noodles made from simmering beef bones, marrow, garlic, ginger, herbs, and the magic ingredient (intestines!…?) for 24 hours, before being topped with seared Kobe beef,!  Image 5. Jacobs Pickles– Upper West- And for that morning after- the ultimate New York Bloody Mary Image