Into the Majorca Outdoors

Part of the reason I left the London sprawl to see the world includes getting into the outdoors. Majorca is just the place to explore an amazing variety of terrain—leisurely, or with a bit of adventure.

coastal cliffs (1280x572)

Around an Island

Majorca is not just about beaches and sun—although its a big plus! I was happily impressed with just how diverse this island’s geography was. Yes, relaxing on various beaches kept me busily relaxed for a bit. Those sandy beaches are often cut into by cliff-sides into the sea and rocky ridged landscapes—even caves— with an occasional patch of beach in between. Ready for some island outdoors, this coastline would be the perfect place to start. Equipped with GPS,  a mountain bike, dive mask and neoprene socks, I headed out for some coastal adventure.

Coasts of Adventure

Using—a GPS-based outdoor activity/exploration organization—I found the locations of a coastal cave region in the east. I completely underestimated the distance, which took me all day on bike to a town called Port Cristo— ready for adventure the next day! Riding south I found several exciting spots to rock-climb, cliff-dive and even found some caves. The sport of “caveing”, exploring caves, can be a bit sketchy unless you are experienced. I’m not, so decided to find some experts. I found them in Mon d’ Aventura , a Majorca outdoor adventure company “dedicated to active, imaginative and adventurous people of all ages…” and would soon be joining them for a day of caveing!


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