Update from the Traveler- Sweden

It’s been awhile since I posted, I had actually fell in love and don’t want to take this blog into something I destined it not to be…all about me.

I wanted to share my journey of a guy traveling the world after selling his stuff and having enough money to see the world and experience it first hand. The truth is, love comes with it.  Every…single…time.


Enough about that.

I recently flew out and landed in Stockholm, Sweden. If you haven’t flow into Stockholm you are missing out. The airport sits right by the sea and it looks like you are going to skirt right across those ocean waves, but alas, you glide into one of the most modern cities in the world. 

I chose to use the modern transit, which is amazing, and hit the biggest art and cultural attractions you can before taking the train to another Swedish community you can’t miss.

Gothenburg is one of those cities you have to visit Sweden to even know of.  Well, maybe not, but until I landed here I wasn’t aware of everything it has to offer.  As I took this amazing train ride I was researching the history of this beautiful city. Did you know it made the list of the top 21 places in the WORLD to live? Not Europe, the WORLD!

Driving to Gothemburg is something I would recommend as well, the terrain is just “unique.”

My friends that live here describe it as boring, but as a world traveler on a mission to see as much as you can the forests, the streams, the animals, and then urban technology you see in places like Stockholm and Gothenburg make it well worth it.